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Topics studied
Who is señor Morris?
The making of educación española

New and old faces
Changing the classroom
Behind the scenes

Topics studied

A unit consists of a total of ten lessons; eight lessons of instruction, one lesson of review of the previous eight lessons and a test lesson.

Here are the items you will study in the first 50 lessons:

Lessons 1 - 10

languages sounds alphabet
cognates gender adjectives
numbers plurals pronouns
conjugating verbs Spain

Lessons 11 - 20

colors negatives estar vs. ser
prepositions cardinal points tener
tener que early Mexico demonstratives
telling time question words

Lessons 21 - 30

possessive pronouns possessive adjectives seasons
& weather
ir+a+infinitive larger numbers modern Mexico
days &
hay, dar,
& ver
stem-changing verbs
diminutives object pronouns obligation

Lessons 31 - 40

gustar reflexive verbs commands
direct object pronouns saber &
indirect object pronouns
equalities & inequalities reciprocal reflexives family
reflexive pronouns Paraguay superlatives

Lessons 41 - 50

expressions Peru imperfect tense
preterit tense irregular verbs negative words
relative pronouns affirmative words adjectives as nouns

Lessons 46-49 are review of the first 45 lessons with lesson 50 being the final evaluation.

Who is señor Morris?

Robert Scott Morris Ed. D.

Dr. R. Scott Morris is the curriculum developer and teacher of educación española. He is the director of Educational Systems Programming at Northern Arizona University where he has worked since 1994. He designed and instructed Units 6-10 of grades 1-2, Units 1-10 of grades 3-4 and Units 1-10 of grades 5-6 of the Elementary Spanish Program.

He possesses a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s of education degree in bilingual education from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master’s of arts degree in TESOL with a minor in Spanish from the School for International Training, and a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Morris served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay from 1980 to 1983 as an environmental sanitation engineer and in the Philippines from 1987 to 1989 as a teacher trainer at Leyte State College. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Guaraní (the indigenous language of Paraguay), Waray Waray (an indigenous language of Leyte, Philippines), Latin, and American Sign Language.

He is married to Karen Elaine Samaniego Morris, and the father of four children; Emily Martha, Jackson Scott, Gregory José, and Marquita Rene. He coaches baseball, soccer, basketball, and football for his kids, and is the Cub Master for his sons’ Scout Pack. Dr. Morris enjoys distance running, reading, and collecting coins.

The making of educación española

New and old faces

We have been gathering individuals from near and far to assist señor Morris with educación española. Here are a few photos from our taping sessions.

Changing the Elementary Spanish classroom for educación española

Before we could get started, we needed to update our studio set/classroom to accommodate the older students.

Behind the scenes

It has been a lot of work to create educación española, and it couldn't be done without all of our supporting crew. Check us out behind the scenes.

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