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LOP Contributions Series

Pollen and Spore Circulars

Laboratory of Paleoecology Contributions Series

My own work and that of my graduate students are collected in the LOP Contributions Series, available here. Many of these publications can be downloaded as PDF files.

Pollen and Spore Circulars

The Pollen Analysis Circulars, succeeded by the Pollen and Spore Circulars, were produced beginning in the 1940's as the number of investigators and literature on Quaternary pollen analysis began to explode. Originally edited by Paul Sears of Oberlin College and Yale University, and later by Paul Sears, L.R. Wilson and C.J. Heusser, these hand-typed documents served as a means of bringing those interested in pollen analysis together before any formal publications specializing in palynology were established. The complete set can be downloaded here as PDF files.

Last updated July 30, 2006