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Paleoecological research in Arizona has had a long history, stretching back to the pioneering work of Paul Sears at Tsegi Wash, northeastern Arizona, in 1937.

Research in Arizona and the southern Colorado Plateau

Our work in Arizona has centered on two general locations. One is on the southern Colorado Plateau and Mogollon Rim, while the other is in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. First, we desire to understand the importance of fire, and its relationship to vegetation and climate change, as deduced from sediment cores from lakes and bogs. Here we have worked at Potato Lake (pictured above; Anderson, R.S. 1993. Quaternary Research 40, 351-359), Walker Lake, and Dry Lake. A second line of research is on the history of vegetation below the forest boundary, using packrat (Neotoma) middens to reconstruction plant communities.

For more about our Argentina and southern Colorado Plateau research, view an annotated slideshow.