Welcome to my Webpage!! 2004-2005 UMEB Scholar


Personal Info:

My name is Hertha Minna Woody, I am from Shiprock, New Mexico.

Full time student: Northern Arizona University

Major: Microbiology

Part time work: I am currently working in a microbiology/immunology lab. The principal investigator (as well as my mentor) for this lab is Dr. Fernando Monroy.

Fernando P. Monroy Ph.D., website: 

I am also working in a biochemistry lab, working on a project for the Native American Cancer Research partnership (NACRP) with collaborative efforts from the Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB) program. The principal investigator for this project is Dr. Diane Stearns.

Diane M. Stearns Ph.D., webpage: http://www.nau.edu/chem/faculty/stearns/index.htm

Research Project:

The project that I will be working on in Dr. Stearns' lab involves determining if uranium can damage DNA as a heavy metal. I will be focusing my question by determining if uranium can cause DNA crosslinks in cultured cells. I will use the comet assay, or single cell gel electrophoresis, to measure DNA damage. I hope my results may be used to determine if environmental exposure to uranium may be harmful.

Cool Links:

I enjoy reading books on Native American history or just stories/folktales of different tribes across the Nation.  I enjoy readings of the Eastern tribes and their many traditions and customs that are somewhat related to the Western tribes.  Here is the web site for the American Indian Heritage Foundation. Have fun and enjoy.


Another one of my personal favorite is the discovery web page, which features a variety of exciting links such as discovery health, extreme engineering, and animal plant.

If you choose to entertain your brain go to: http://www.discovery.com


To find out more about us, please visit the UMEB website: http://home.nau.edu/envsci/umeb.asp

This is a picture of my home town in Shiprock, New Mexico. This area of the Southwest is unique because such states; New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado connects at one location, the Four Corners region. Shiprock is apart of the Navajo Nation reservation and as you can see it is quit a small town.

My plans after completing an undergraduate degree, I will apply for graduate school perhaps here in Arizona as well as New Mexico Universities. I plan to stay close to home which feels like it is pretty much the Southwestern region.

I was first drawn into research from my undergraduate biology classes, mainly the labs most particularly the lab from my microbiology course. I never thought that this field would be so interesting that I would consider this as my career.


Famous Quote I live by:

" It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young."