Ky Mack-Borh

2004-2005 UMEB Scholar


Personal Info:

Full name: Ky Justin Macktima-Borhauer

Occupation: I am a seasonal maintenance worker for the National Park Service (NPS) @ National Monuments, Wupatki, Walnut Canyon & Sunset Crater Arizona. I also work for the Native American Cancer Research Partnership (NACRP), under Dr. Jani Ingram, who is also my mentor for my UMEB collaboration research project.

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Full time student @ Northern Arizona University (NAU).

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Major: Environmental Sciences, with an Environmental Managment emphasis.

Hometown: Tuba City/ Village of Upper Moenkopi, Arizona.

Hobbies: I enjoy venturing outdoors, including hunting/fishing. I enjoy traditional wood carving, I like to draw and paint, and recently have discovered the awesome world of ceramics. I also love to sleep when I get the chance.

Fun Facts : I am 22yrs. old. A member of the Hopi Tribe, of the Badger Clan and am an active participant throughout the Hopi ceremonial calander. I will be a Junior this coming fall semester'05 and plan on completeing my program of study in December 2006. I am the President of the Hopi Senom Student Org. on campus at NAU.

Research Project: My research project is to work on materials for an, "inexpensive system for end-user treatment of drinking water at the point-of-use in order to remove hazardous substances Arsenic(As), uranium (U), and 238 U-Series daughters" (Ketterer et al. 2004). For removal of the substances I will be creating a filter compossed of coral (calcium hydroxyapatite), and substances that will be added and contained in the porous coral that will,"promote the oxidation of trivalent arsenic to pentavelent arsenic." and," the absorbtion/coprecipitation of target constituents"(Ketterer et al. 2004). So, this filter I am working on can be thought of as the filter that many people have on their kitchen sinks today, rather it is not as simple yet, but will promote healthier potable water at end. The pictures of the big machine to the left are the IC-PMS. It will be used to collect the amount of hazardous substances in the water samples used before being run thru the filter and after, to determine if the filter removed/oxidated any of the,"targeted constituents" (Ketterer et al. 2004).

Literature Cited :

Ketterer, Michael E. and Ingram, Jani C. 2004. End-User, Point of Use Treatment Technology for Removal of Arsenic, Uranium, and 238-U Series Nuclides from Potable Waters in Rural Arizona (Grant). Northern Arozona University, Flagstaff, Az. 9pg.

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My Home in Northern Arizona.

Hopi Reservation Map

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Man and the Machine..Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (IC-PMS)

Ky and the IC-PMS


Wupatki National Monument: One of the places I work. In the distance is the water sample retrieval area, (Blackfalls).


Map of Blackfalls Arizona.

Field Sites