Leanna Begay


Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology

Summer Research 2005


Current Mentors
Mansel Nelson http://www.4nau.edu/eeop/ http://www.4nau.edu/itep/

 Margaret Hiza http://www.usgs.gov

Thom Alcoze http://www.for.nau.edu/about/faculty/tma.htm http://www.for.nau.edu/about/index.htm

Northern Arizona University http://www.nau.edu/text/

Coconino Community College       http://www.coconino.edu

Applied Indigenous Studies Dept.             http://www.ais.nau.edu

UMEB Homepage & Scholarship Information http://home.nau.edu/envsci/umeb.asp

UMEB Course Resources http://www2.nau.edu/~libei-p/libres/?libres=BIO499-1-2004




My name is Leanna Begay I am of the Tangle clan born for the Towering House clan, my grandparents are of the Edgewater clan and my nellies are from the Rock Gap clan. I come from the communities of Tuba City and Howell Mesa, Arizona. These are the two communities I grew up in when I was a child. My family and I are members of the Navajo Nation.  I am currently a junior at Northern Arizona University in the Applied Indigenous Studies Program with an emphasis in Applied Traditional Knowledge.

This summer I will be getting the opportunity to work with three wonderful mentors on a project that is of special interest to me. I will be doing a research project that asks the question what and how are sand dunes affected by weather? This has been an interest of mine since the sand dunes going up to my grandparents house have eroded over the main roads and now my grandparents and other elders who live up this rural dirt road have to make alternate routes through the brush and rocks that make driving dangerous for them as residents who live in these rural areas.

In the set up of this project I will get to work in my hometown community with other students who will be visiting NAU for a week during the Summer Scholars Program held by the Environmental Education Outreach Program.

Sand dune west of Dilkon, Arizona

Image from: http://climchange.cr.usgs.gov/hopibuttes/