Mandi Rachele Greene

Oak Creek Canyon,  Flagstaff  AZ

UMEB Research Project

I have always been very interested in macroinvertebrates and how they candictate the health of a water system.  Because biomonitoring is more accurate than water monitoring I have decided to use it as a tool to measure pollution in the Oak creek canyon area.  Oak creek canyon is a highly used recreation area north of Sedona.  I hypothesize that as the stream flows towards Sedona it will exhibit more pollution because it passes slide rock national park, several swimming and fishing areas and homes and businesses along the creek.


I have been a student here at Northern Arizona University for 5 years now.  I started the Four Corners Math and Science program and other chemistry programs while in high school and this helped spark my interest in the sciences.  At the beginning of my college career I participated in an exchange program in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Upon returning to NAU I began my studies in aquatic biology.  In the meantime I work for The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals.  Through all these different experiences I hope to study in many different aquatic environments throughout my career.  I hope to publish, teach children, take up underwater photography, and someday have my own lab!

I am Hispanic American, my parents are from California and Arizona and their family is from Mexico and Europe.  I was born in Gallup, New Mexico and grew up in St. Michaels, Arizona on the Navajo reservation.  I have two brothers and a sister.  My family is in the restaurant and music business.  Cooking and music were my first hobbies, along with writing and exploring. I have an extremely creative and fun family.  We camp, raft, hike, ride horses and travel a lot.  My families activities instilled in me a love for the outdoors.

All my life I have lived in the country and can't imagine being anywhere else.  I have always known that I wanted to be a scientist. I like to be outside, in the forest, near a stream lake or ocean.  I enjoy biking, hiking, scuba diving and kayaking.  I hope that my efforts in science will help protect the environment I love to be in.