My name is Melissa Reyes and I'm a graduating senior studying Environmental Sciences at

Northern Arizona UniversityI am currently involved in research here at the University looking at the effects of elevated CO2 on the mycorrhizal responsiveness of plants.  I am currently concluding my research that was funded primarily by a Hooper Grant, and which has produced some surprising results concerning the relationship between C-3 and C-4 plants and their associated mycorrhizae.  This summer, I am looking forward to continuing to work with carbon balance issues, specifically relating to the way in which plant communities will react to being transplanted to lower elevations in an attempt to simulate global warming.  I am planning to go onto graduate school relatively soon to pursue an advanced degree in either Ecosystem Ecology or Conservation Biology.  My lifestyle reflects my values and beliefs concerning the environment.  I really enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it’s riding my bike, camping, hiking, playing Frisbee golf or listening to music.  If anyone is actually reading this short biography, I really encourage those who might be interested in this project to get involved.  This program provides students with an opportunity to get hands on research experience.  This is important for a couple of different reasons: first, it helps you to better define the direction you want to pursue as far as a career goes, and the experience will give you an advantage over those who have not done research, which is highly valued by potential employers.  My involvement in the UMEB program has been, and continues to be, extremely beneficial to my development as a researcher and I am anticipating experiencing the remainder of the program.