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Kathleen Linda Schmand

Cline Library Services & Resources for Graduate Students:
What You Need to Know!

New to Northern Arizona University? Returning as a graduate student? Make sure you discover some of the library services most useful to graduate students before you start your research. The library’s resource specialist teams are one of the most valuable graduate student resources. Did you know that you can request customized research assistance through Ask-A-Librarian or by contacting the research specialist team affiliated with a specific college? (See ) For example, if you are a student in the College of Education, you can set up a meeting with a librarian to discuss your specific research needs, get an orientation to the resources available in your field of study, or ask any other library-related questions you might have. We want to make you as successful in your research as you can be, and this is a great way to get started!

Cline Library offers a secure wireless environment. Bring your laptop and get assistance registering it on the network.  If you don’t have a laptop, no problem. Students may check out a laptop from Media Services for four hours with the possibility of a two-hour renewal.  The laptops are set up with all the software you might find on a typical computer in one of the campus labs. In addition, the laptops are wireless, so you can take them anywhere in the building. You’ll also find a selection of multi-media equipment. Need to scan a photograph? Insert an audio clip into a project? No problem. You’ll find all the equipment you need to accomplish this and more in Media Services. In January 2009, students will have access to “Studio B,” which offers cutting edge video and audio creation and editing technology. Ask for more information in Media Services!

Study carrels are available to graduate students. These small rooms are assigned to a minimum of two graduate students for a period of one semester; students may be able to renew a space for a second semester if no one is on a waiting list. When you share a carrel, you’ll need to coordinate use with the other student. You can learn more about or sign up for a carrel at the front desk at the Cline Library.

Document Delivery Services offers students flexibility and easy access to materials not currently available or owned by the Cline Library. Free? Absolutely! Fast? You bet! After registering online with the library at, you can request books, articles, and media from just about anywhere. We partner with other academic and public libraries across the country to borrow materials needed. Articles are delivered electronically and generally within 48 hours. Books and media may take a bit longer, so plan ahead whenever possible.  

Key resources that might interest you as you begin to explore the library online:

Use this web-based bibliography and database manager to create your own personal database by importing references from text files or online databases like JSTOR. You can incorporate references into papers and automatically format them to the citation style of your choice in seconds.
Explore an archive holding the complete digitized back issues of core scholarly journals, starting with the very first issues, some as far back as the 1600s.
Search a large collection of e-books, dictionaries, or encyclopedias in various subject areas.  You may be prompted to install a special reader the first time.
Search the world’s most comprehensive bibliography, with 40 million+ books, media, manuscripts, and more in libraries across the globe.
Find letters, diaries, ledgers, photographs, oral history interviews, films, and maps focused on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Native American history and culture (Four Corners area), land use and the environment, and economic development.

Lastly, there are special events and exhibits in the library during the spring 2009 semester. If you have a chance, stop by Special Collections and Archives on the second floor of Cline Library to delve into the fascinating life of Katie Lee, a gun-toting, guitar-strumming canyoneer and Hollywood starlet. She is an environmental activist, author, folksinger, and one of the early women river runners.

In January, the Cline Library is pleased to continue hosting the 2008-09 Native American Film Series in partnership with the Institute for Native Americans. We invite you to join us on Thursday evenings in the Cline Library Assembly Hall at 7 p.m. for the screenings. The one exception is The Business of Fancy Dancing on Monday, February 23 in honor of director and author Sherman Alexie’s visit to Northern Arizona University the following day. 

Native American Film Series: Spring 2009 Schedule
January 29 Atanarjuat (rated R)
February 12 Milepost 398 (rated R)
February 23 Business of Fancy Dancing
March 12 A series of short films that include Yada, Yada;  Share the Wealth; and Gene Boy Came Home
March 26  “G” Methamphetamine on the Navajo Nation
April 9 March Point 


Kathleen Linda Schmand, Coordinator, Cline Library