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    Medicinal Plants Study Group

    Interested in learning about Medicinal Plants? Check out the Medicinal Plants Study Group brought to you by the Applied Indigenous Studies and Sustainable Communities programs. This study group is for dedicated and serious students to learn and share knowledge of medicinal plants, their healing properties, and native traditional recipes and stories. Each session we will focus on a different plant. both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join! Where: SBS West Room 9 When: Every other Friday starting Jan. 27th from 1 – 3:30pm For further information, please contact: Marina Vasquez, Traditional Knowledge Scholar, marina.vasquez@nau.edu Martha James, SUS Graduate ARTs co-coordinator, mej53@nau.edu Katherine Golfinopoulos, SUS Graduate ARTs co-coordinator, kag247@nau.edu

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    Packing Heat on Campus

    Last April, a bill was passed by the state legislature that would allow guns to be carried on campus. However, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the legislation after finding the bill too ambiguous. Now, SB1474 plans to accomplish what last years bill failed to do: allow guns on college campuses. As an AZCentral article describes the bill as requiring: …public universities and community colleges to allow anyone age 21 or older with a concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on campus. The schools can keep the guns out of buildings, stadiums and classrooms if they provide secure gun lockers. The committee also passed a bill that would loosen restrictions on carrying…

  • Water

    The Grand Canyon Bans Sales of Bottled Water

    Bottled water sales has been a bit of a contentious point here on campus as numerous student groups—including Net Impact NAU and the Action Group for Water Advocacy (AGWA)—have been trying to find ways to reduce consumption of bottled water. Campus dining has removed bottled water from its dining locations in the du Bois center and the University Union. However, bottled water remains in vending machines and through campus catering. Maybe we could use a little bit of inspiration from the Grand Canyon National Park which recently banned the sale of bottled water in the National Park. The GCNP’s policy is part of a larger ban on bottled water sales…

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    Be Heard: Help Shape Your NAU Campus

    Northern Arizona University is seeking your feedback by inviting you to take an online survey regarding energy usage. Please follow the link below to participate. Those who complete the survey will be eligible for a chance at one of the following incentives redeemable at the NAU Bookstore: 1 respondent will receive an iPad2 4 respondents will receive a $50 NAU Bookstore Gift Card 30 respondents will receive a $10 NAU Bookstore Gift Card The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete and your responses will be kept confidential. The survey can be taken only once and participation is voluntary. https://www.research.net/s/NAU2012

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    Creating a Full Spectrum of Sustainability

    Who is participating in the switch to sustainability?  In the fall of last semester, the Student Environmental Caucus changed their identity to the “Green Jacks” in hopes of framing sustainability in a way that inspires school spirit (NAU Lumberjacks) and expands the spectrum of sustainability at NAU.  The group went to tailgates and sporting events wearing our Earth Week T-shirts while handing out sustainably produced wine and recycling literature to the student and alumni tailgaters.  Along with WACBAT (the Weatherization and Community Building Action Team), we hosted a solar panel crowd-funding event for the local Murdoc Community Center, which communicated the relationships between renewable energy and the liberty of Flagstaff as a community.  So,…

  • Earth Week

    Earth Week Planning–Be a Part of it!

    Are you interested in being a part of the conversation for planning this year’s Earth Week? We would like you to contribute! Facilitated by the Student Environmental Caucus, these planning sessions will be every Friday from 2:30-3:00pm at HLC, room 2407. Everyone is welcome! Help us make this year’s Earth Week meaningful for everyone. Please note: Friday, February 24th we will meet at 2:00pm instead of 3:00pm at HLC, room 2407. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Nolan Bade.

  • Food

    Flagstaff Garden Starts CSA has shares left!

    The Flagstaff Garden Starts CSA still has some shares left! If you sign up for a share you will get: –20 packs of high quality vegetables starts –onion bulbs –7 varieties of seeds for direct sowing This project is an initiative of Flagstaff Foodlinkand we are partnering with Native Plant and Seed. Your dollars help to support Foodlink’s mission to connect the Greater  Flagstaff area to local, regional food. More specifically, your membership to the Garden Starts CSA will help support school gardens throughout Flagstaff. You are also supporting local agriculture and will become part of the community of backyard and front yard gardeners. Individuals who qualify for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition…

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    Free Compliments Phase II

    As a student ambassador of sustainability at the notoriously green Northern Arizona University, I am regularly exposed to the ideas of sustainability. This exposure and the large sustainability community involved has moved me to think in depth about the next level of campus sustainability. There is only so much that can be achieved by a core group of green students that are dedicated to sustainability. I imagine a healthy campus where there is no division between the green students and the student athletes, Greek life, ROTC students, etc. Our mission is thus to creatively include the uninvolved. Based loosely on the ideas expressed by Volkswagen’s Fun Theory we strive to…