The Grand Canyon Bans Sales of Bottled Water

Bottled Water BanBottled water sales has been a bit of a contentious point here on campus as numerous student groups—including Net Impact NAU and the Action Group for Water Advocacy (AGWA)—have been trying to find ways to reduce consumption of bottled water. Campus dining has removed bottled water from its dining locations in the du Bois center and the University Union. However, bottled water remains in vending machines and through campus catering.

Maybe we could use a little bit of inspiration from the Grand Canyon National Park which recently banned the sale of bottled water in the National Park. The GCNP’s policy is part of a larger ban on bottled water sales in all national parks. Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga cites the need to reduce the environmental and financial costs caused by the bottles as the reason for the GCNP’s ban. You can read a full article about the National Park Service’s ban on bottled water in the Lumberjack or on Northern Arizona News.

What are your thoughts about banning bottled water on campus and elsewhere? Is it a real step forward or are we merely putting a band-aid over a much larger issue? Let us know in the comments below!