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ABOR Approves $18 Million in Campus Energy Retrofits

In the latest example of Northern Arizona University’s commitment to Sustainability, the Arizona Board of Regents has just approved an $18,000,000 performance contract between Northern Arizona University and the energy services company NORESCO. This contract will allow NAU to save approximately $1,500,000 a year in utility costs and will reduce NAU’s green house gas emissions to below 1990 levels by 2014. The construction will begin in late May and will take approximately 22 months to complete. This contract represents Phase 1 of the campus audit and retrofit with the Phase 2 audit taking place in the Fall.

Lindsay Wagner, the Director of Sustainability and Energy Services for NAU Facility Services says, “This project is the first major step in NAU becoming a carbon neutral campus. This is an opportunity for the university to upgrade lighting and heating and cooling equipment, as well as involving students, faculty and staff in the process which will increase awareness of the campus sustainability efforts and ultimately aid in creating the Culture of Sustainability that we are after. I am very excited to get this project started.”

Some of the highlights of the NORESCO contract include:

  • Interior Lighting Upgrades
  • Plumbing Fixture Upgrades
  • Heating and Cooling Controls Upgrades
  • Utility Metering
  • Behavioral Change Program

In addition to the infrastructure and building improvements the contract includes a focus on creating a culture of sustainable behavior to further reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Bryan McLaren, the Coordinator of NAU’s Office of Sustainability says, “The NAU NORESCO project will be the single most significant step that NAU has taken towards our Carbon Neutrality 2020 goal since signing the Association of College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment. I am extremely excited to start moving this project into the implementation phase and advancing our culture of sustainability.”

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