Interested in learning how to bee keep?

Catch the buzz this summertime in Flagstaff. Learn how to work with a gentle colony of honeybees in a backyard top restore the health of the amazing honeybee.

honey bees and honey comb

Practicing organic, holistic principles, we will explore the relationships between:

* the queen, workers, and drones.
* flowering plants, pollen, nectar, beeswax, and honey.
* eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.
* humans and the rest of nature.



Each of the four classes in this course will be held on a Saturday at a private
residence in southwest Flagstaff, with local field trips to Mountain Meadow
Permaculture Farm and Flagstaff EcoRanch.

Dates: June 8; July 13; August 17; and September 14
Cost: $300.00

To register or for more information, visit
or call Patrick Pynes at (928) 600-1193