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At Home Sustainability

Not living in the Resident Halls this year? Are you a “do it yourself” kind of person? Or maybe interested in sustainable home projects? Either way, we have your fix!

As a part of their sustainability program, the City of Flagstaff has released the DIY Home Energy Efficiency Initiative.

Some great programs to check out include:

and more.

Along with these great at-home programs, the City of Flagstaff also offers DIY Home Energy Efficiency Kits. The DIY Home Energy Efficiency kit—provided by the city and local businesses—is FREE! To receive your FREE DIY Home Energy Efficiency kit you must attend a free 1-hour informational workshop. In this workshop, contractors will demonstrate how to safely and effectively make efficient upgrades. Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive your free DIY Home Energy Efficiency kit. If you are interested in the DIY Home Energy Efficiency kit, call: 928-213-2155.

Sign up for the next DIY Energy Efficiency Workshop on September 10 at 6pm at the East Flagstaff Community Library where you will receive a free home energy efficiency kit! Local contractors will teach you how to be energy efficient at home through the safe installation of your free kit which will include such items as:
• Low flow shower heads
• Power Strips
• Outlet Gaskets
• LED night lights
• Caulking and weatherstripping
• And much more!

To sign up visit or call (928) 213-2155

Do you have APS? If so, consider an energy audit! What is an energy audit? An energy audit is an inspection of your home’s energy efficiency. The energy audit will pinpoint areas in your house where energy can be used more efficiently.

Check out the diagram below illustrating typical home energy usages:


APS customers can get an energy audit for only $99! For more information about an APS energy audit please visit the APS website. If you do not have APS or live in the residence halls, you can do your own energy audit!

If you are a student living on campus you can check out energy meters from the Cline Library! For more information about checking out energy meters from the Cline Library please call (928) 523-2173 or visit the Cline Library website. You can also stop by the library and visit the front desk.

Flagstaff Public Libraries offer energy meters for check out, similar to checking out a book. After checking out an energy meter you can take it home and plug it into your outlet. You can then take turns plugging in a variety of appliances and products to help measure the cost of each appliance when they are turned on and when they are turned off, and still plugged in. For more information about checking out an energy meter you can visit:

  • Flagstaff City-Coconino County Public Library. 300 West Aspen Ave. (928) 779-7673
  • East Flagstaff Community Library. 3000 N. Fourth Street, Suite 5. (928) 774-8434

For more information about Home Sustainability please visit the City of Flagstaff Sustainability Program website.