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Northern Arizona University reduces carbon footprint with green power use

Northern Arizona University has officially been purchasing Green Power for one year and has received recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from joining their Green Power Partnership. Northern Arizona Universityis using more than 8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power this year, which is enough green power to meet 13 percent of the organization’s electricity use. Northern Arizona University is buying a combination of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and utility green power products from Arizona Public Service and Renewable Choice Energy. In addition, Northern Arizona University is generating green power from on-site renewable energy systems, including their 163 wWh solar field. This demonstrates a proactive choice to switch away from traditional sources of electricity generation and support cleaner renewable energy alternatives.

“This is a huge honor and we are proud to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” said John Morris, Assistant Vice President of Facility Services, “Using green power helps our organization become more sustainable and is an essential choice in reducing fossil fuel pollution and mitigating climate risk.”

Last year, the Green Fund surveyed students to see how important they thought purchasing renewable energy was and found that 47.86% believed it to be “very important”, 37.41% think it’s “somewhat important”, and 10.91% said “a little important.” Only 3.82% thought it was “not at all important.”

Green power is electricity that is generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, eligible biogas, biomass, and low-impact hydro. Using green power helps accelerate the development of new renewable energy capacity nationwide and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector.

According to the U.S. EPA, Northern Arizona University’sgreen power use of more than 8 million kWh is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of nearly 1,200 passenger vehicles per year, or the CO2 emissions from the electricity use of nearly 800 average American homes annually.

NAU does hundreds of other things to decrease its environmental footprint, such as building all new construction to LEED silver standards, installing energy efficient fixtures and appliances, organizing multiple conservation campaigns, being a Bike Friendly Campus, composting our food, and so much more. Visit to learn more and find opportunities to get involved and become part of NAU’s culture of sustainability.

About EPA’s Green Power Partnership

The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with electricity use. The Partnership currently has more than 1,300 Partner organizations voluntarily using billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually. Partners include a wide variety of leading organizations such as Fortune 500® companies, small and medium sized businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and colleges and universities. For additional information, please visit

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Student Worker Position at Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Are you looking for a student worker position? The Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions is hiring! Check out the job description below.

ISES Student worker

Assignment: Administrative support for NAU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions (ISES); some outreach, communication and design projects.

Context: NAU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions, now in its fourth year, is expanding its team and its outreach efforts. These include the website ( and other communications materials and campaigns. ISES has a Director, Project Director and Administrative Associate managing most of its functions. ISES is seeking a student worker to help out with administrative tasks, communications, web updates, and other duties as needed. This employee will also have opportunities to help out from time to time with ISES research projects or outreach events.


  • Provide administrative support for institute (e.g. paperwork, office maintenance/duties, errands on campus)
  • Perform website updates, including updating existing pages and managing site structure and new pages; Assist with outreach materials, including writing, design, and delivery
  • Occasionally support special events or outreach efforts (e.g. K-12 student visit, research symposium, etc)
  • Meet weekly with ISES Administrative Associate and Project Director, and regularly attend ISES weekly student meetings

Required skills:

  • Excellent communications and organizational skills;
  • Website maintenance or design experience and interest/ability to learn more;
  • Ability to take instruction, ask clarifying questions, and work independently;
  • Some background in energy or climate (any classes, research, or interest).

Hours/Compensation: Up to 10 hours/week. $10-14/hr depending on experience.

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Megan Coe, ISES Administrative Associate, at


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NAU Sustainability Course Directory Has Been Launched

The NAU Office of Sustainability is excited to introduce the NAU Sustainability Course Directory – a new online database system for all the courses from any department that are focused on sustainability or simply have a sustainability component in them. Both undergraduate and graduate students can now enjoy a constantly updated list of classes that cover a wide range of topics related to environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability.

The challenge of spreading awareness about sustainability and creating an environmentally conscious behavior always comes down to nurturing eco-literacy. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the global climate change challenges we face nowadays, NAU is attempting to ease an access to the list of classes that serve as an educational tool about that issue. The introduction of this course database is a great contribution towards cultivating a culture of sustainability in the Northern Arizona University, bringing a better understanding of the need for a more environmentally responsible behavior to its students.

The courses are submitted by their instructors using a specially designated online form. The NAU Office of Sustainability offers its faculty members the undermentioned guidance to self-identify whether the classes they are submitting are sustainability-focused or sustainability-related. Please see below:

  • A “sustainability-focused” course concentrates on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.
  • A “sustainability-related” course incorporates sustainability as a distinct course component or module, or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

After being approved by our administrator, the course appears in the online database and can be looked up using a convenient search engine that provides 3 criteria options that helps a student find a better fit.

Useful links:

For NAU students – NAU Sustainability Course Directory

For NAU course instructors – Sustainability Course Submission

The list of classes is constantly being updated so make sure to check back regularly!

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