NAU Reaches 100 Energy Mentors!

The Green NAU Energy Initiative is Excited to Announce it’s Trained 100 Energy Mentors!

Mark Crawford Energy Mentor
Energy Mentor Mark Crawford, Fiscal Operations Manager at Facility Services, happily turns off his light before leaving for lunch


The Green NAU Energy Initiative (GNEI) has recently reached its goal of having 100 trained Energy Mentors on the Northern Arizona University (NAU) Flagstaff campus! Energy Mentors are faculty and staff who volunteer to support and advance the culture of sustainability at NAU by advocating and promoting energy conservation habits among peers.

NAU has ambitious carbon neutrality goals, and as a major first step, Facility Services launched a large energy efficiency retrofit program in 2012 that seeks to reduce the cost and the environmental impacts associated with the University’s day-to-day operations. This project focuses on improving energy efficiency of campus buildings and it stands to save Northern Arizona University $1.5 million per year and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “However, upgrading buildings can only go so far” said Nick Koressel who is a GNEI program coordinator. “We need to improve the energy awareness of the entire university community”.

“Our Energy Mentors are doing great things” said Avi Henn who is the co-coordinator for GNEI. “From arranging events and mentoring fellow building users on energy conserving habits to obtaining Green Fund grants for projects that improve and make practices more sustainable”. The Environmental Caucus recently recognized a number of Energy Mentors during the Sustainability Awards Ceremony held as part of this year’s Earth Week.

“We need and can to do more” said Koressel. “We constantly recruit and train new Energy Mentors and we would like to see this great community grow”. Energy Mentor trainings are held frequently and only last about an hour and a half. Energy Mentors learn about the ins and outs of the University’s energy consumption and are given tools to help promote campus sustainability through energy conservation. To learn more about the Energy Mentor program or to become an Energy Mentor, email Avi Henn at Abraham.henn@nau.edu.