NAU Employee Explains Enterprise Car Sharing Experience

By Rachelle Berry


The Enterprise Carshare program provides access to Hybrid cars for young students and staff. In the beginning of the semester I signed up for the program during a promotion for $5 and was given a card to access the car. I was able to use the Carshare program to move, do laundry, and drop off items for donation at the end of the semester.

The two cars available live outside of the Union and the Dub. A few minutes before my registration time, I arrived at the shiny red Prius in front of the Union around 3:10. You can reserve your time in increments of 15 minutes and arrive up to 5 minutes early to take possession of the red or silver Prius. I took out my card and held it above the card reader to open the car. The keys are in the glove compartment and you have to pull them out of the key holder. After this process I checked my mirrors, turned on the radio and pressed the start button.  The Prius has a peculiar start you just get used to.  The car starts silently, after you press the brake, press start and then move the shifter to drive or reverse. The park is a button you press to engage.  Sometimes if you do not start the car correctly you have to put the car in park and try again. After moving beyond this series of steps the car silently moves along.

I did my errands, which used the entirety of the space in the car to pack up my room. The car is very roomy and can hold 5 to 6 suitcases and a few boxes of varying sizes. In fact, the seats lay completely down for oversized items. It easily stows a bike and other items while still leaving room for another passenger in the front. After running some of my errands around the city I realized I needed an extra 45 minutes for my reservation. I took out my phone opened the reservation email which directed me to my Carshare reservation. I was able to easily pick the time I wanted to extend to, the car was available, and my extension was granted. I returned the car on time and parked it in its dedicated spot outside of the Union. I put the keys back in the key holder, and locked the door with my card. This ends the reservations and records when you return the car.

All in all it was a great experience. I didn’t have to think about gas or insurance, as they are included in the program. If you need a car for a few errands or to move a few or a lot of things the cars are of moderate size and the price is great at 7.50-9.50/hr.

Learn more about the program here.