Approved Green Fund Project: Inspector Tablet Green Funds Project

Facility Services Operations: Inspector Tablet Green Funds Project

In the last decade Facility Services has been utilizing inspectors to ensure contractors do a good job when building and remodeling on our campus. We employ inspectors for every piece of construction necessary on campus to include: Electrical Inspectors, HVAC Inspectors, Plumbing Inspectors, Gas Inspectors, Building Inspectors, ADA Inspectors, Fire Life Safety Inspectors, Sprinklers Systems Inspectors, Structural Inspectors, Roof Inspectors, Blue Stake Inspectors, Building Access Inspectors, Landscape Inspectors, Utility Inspectors, Fire Marshall, and Code Authority Inspector. These inspectors use many reels of paper to look at different blueprint plans that change on a regular basis.

This  Green Fund project entailed implementing 12 tablets for the management inspectors to decrease the amount of paper used for their jobs. Going forward FS Operations hopes to also utilize these devices to allow inspectors to digitally sign off on plans instead of using carbon sheets. By using tablets in the field we minimized and in some cases eliminated the printing of as many as a dozen different plans a week that are measured at 3’ by 4’ for the 12 different inspectors. That is 144 different site plans each week and almost 600 a month that no longer need to be printed due to digital access to the blueprints. An additional efficiency we have seen is with the reduction in back and forth driving trips to the office to print new plans.

Thanks to the Green Funds and these tablets, the Facility Services department is furthering sustainable goals across campus by empowering the inspectors to use less paper, reduce fuel consumption, and create more efficient processes. Without the support and reimbursement from the Green Funds this project would not have been possible.

Lloyd Drinkard, Facility Services inspector demonstrating the difference in paper usage on one project.