Approved Green Fund Project: Thin Client Green Funds Project

Facility Services IT: Thin Client Green Funds Project

This project consisted of two green initiatives involving technology and student worker development within the Facility Services department, namely the implementation of Thin Client desktop computers and increased server virtualization. Both of these items have quantifiable metrics in terms of energy consumption reduction and furthering the sustainability goals established on campus. In addition to lowering energy usage, these reductions represent a lessened carbon footprint, waste minimization, and ongoing cost savings to the department and institution. Hands-on involvement of the two existing Facility Services IT (FIT) student workers was a critical component to this project, as is the outreach and awareness generated as part of the work.Thin client graph

The primary impact from these units will be in the amount of energy saved as well as the longevity of the devices. Over the expected life span of 10 years, the direct energy savings of each device will be approximately 1145.8 Kw/hr, or $100.83. Additional capital savings of roughly $1,821.43 per device is also expected due to a traditional desktop being replaced twice within the life span of a Thin Client. These projected savings are multiplied with the initial deployment of 12 devices made possible with the Green Funds. The sustainable gains for the server portion of the project is just as considerable with a projected savings of 180,500 Kw/hr, or roughly $15,887.84, over the six year life cycle of the equipment.

This project also provided a proof of concept for further deployments in that we ascertained the usefulness of the Thin Client for a variety of different workloads, from light administrative and managerial to intensive data entry. Based on the success of this implementation, the ongoing goal will be to find further departmental funding to transition additional users to the Thin Client plat form. This will continue the trend of reducing consumption across the department and allow FIT staff to more easily maintain equipment.

Thin Client Students
*Note that students shown are both well over 6 feet tall!

Thanks to the opportunity afforded us by the Green Fund Committee FIT was able to move forward with the implementation of the thin clients as well as the new host server. Without the support and reimbursement from the Green Funds this project would not have been possible. This project provided an exceptional learning opportunity for FIT student workers and allowed the department as a whole to continue to meet its sustainability goals.