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Reflecting on our Accomplishments: Green NAU 2015-2016 Academic Year

Green NAU becomes stronger each day, consistently reaching the lengths of campus and into the community of Flagstaff with our Culture of Sustainability. The collaboration between faculty, staff, students, and administration has been phenomenal and we have made great progress that will step us closer to our sustainable goals. It is with the support of our student body that we are able to make such tremendous strides towards campus wide sustainability. 


President Rita Cheng at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

NAU President, Dr. Rita Cheng at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Assistant Vice President, John Morris at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Facility Services, AVP, John Morris at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Vice President, Jennus Burton at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Finance and Administration, VP, Jennus Burton at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Provost, Jim Coleman at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Provost, Jim Coleman at the Sustainable Leadership Awards

Green NAU


During the academic year of 2015-2016, Green NAU was very busy! They assisted in reaching a solar agreement that will put solar panels on top of the San Francisco Parking Garage. In a joint effort with everyone, Green NAU is extremely proud of that agreement. They hired two Communications Interns that worked to enhance Green NAU’s social media platforms as well as organize and plan Earth Month. They worked to keep Green NAU’s calendar up to date with the latest events and speakers and increased Green NAU’s Facebook by 150+ likes, while simultaneously revitalizing Green NAU’s Instagram account. Our Communications Interns also worked to advertise the Better World Film Series and NAU’s first Green Game. Green NAU also sponsored the Earth Day speaker, Chad Pregracke.

Green NAU rolled out new digital graphic elements for a handful of its branches and formed the Green Groups who meet with the president every semester to develop communication between sustainability initiatives and administration. There were general updates to the Green NAU website, which included new sustainability initiative pages and an orientation video for new employees, in an effort to communicate our Culture of Sustainability at NAU. Green NAU supported Lights Out Flagstaff and was present at the City of Flagstaff Earth Day as well as the Open Air Markets on campus. Green NAU hosted an Inaugural Wine Competition at Vino Loco in an attempt to decrease bottled wine and increase the use of more sustainable boxed and canned wines at NAU tailgating events. Along with Green NAU’s general conservation efforts, the Energy Mentor program increased participation across campus.

Green NAU received the Coconino County Sustainable Building Award, Arizona Forward’s 35th Annual Environmental Excellence Award for Energy and Technology Innovation for their solar hot air heating technology on the Property Surplus building, EPA’s “Big Sky Conference” winner for their Green Power Partnership Challenge, USGBC LEED Platinum Certification for the Native American Cultural Center, and applied for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) Award. Green NAU continues to recycle at all tailgating events, continues to meet quarterly with sustainability leaders in the City and County, and support and participate in campus garden growth. 

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