Kind Wine Competition Finds Its Winner!





Green NAU’s Kind Wine Competition (KWC) concluded Sunday (11/6/16) night with a list of winning wines and a room of smiling faces. The event’s mission was to improve the sustainability of wine packaging around the world. Although glass is an age old staple in the wine industry, it has a few environmental drawbacks that don’t make it ideal for transporting liquid. For example, it is very energy intensive to make glass, it’s very heavy so there are increased emissions associated with its transportation, it’s shaped in a way that is not conducive to shipping, and in Flagstaff it is not easily recycled nor is their a local glass recycling facility.

Wine in boxes, cans, or even kegs have been shown to have less than half to carbon impact of glass bottles. 

At the KWC, 15 select judges tasted 66 wines from boxes to bring attention to these issues.

This event helped to highlight sustainable packaged wine in many ways:

  • by calling wineries and asking them for their sustainably packaged wines we started a conversation around these issues. Hopefully more wineries will move in this direction and participate next year.
  • through advertising the event and through event attendance individuals became more aware of these issues.
  • attendees were also able to sample the 66 wines and find their favorites, removing the stigma of boxed wine and increasing the chances of them making more sustainable wine purchases moving forward.

Thanks to all those who came out and participated!

And the winners are!

Sweepstakes Winners:

Peter Vella Delicious Red

Fish Eye Moscato
Black Box Pinot Noir
Peter Vella Sangria

Peter Vella Moscato

A huge “thank you” to Sodexo and all our sponsoring partners!

KWC’s GOLD: Peter Vella Delicious Red