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Green Office Certification is Launched!

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The Energy Mentor program is NAU’s premiere energy-conservation behavior change activity. Since the Office of Sustainability has enacted this program in 2012, more than 120 faculty and staff have become Energy Mentors! And the momentum hasn’t stopped there. Many Energy Mentors have encouraged their colleagues to get certified and have spread the word about simple and effective ways to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Building off the success of the Energy Mentor program, the Office has decided to take it up a notch by launching the Green Office Certification program!

The Green Office Certification was developed after it became clear that existing Energy Mentors wanted a path to challenge themselves and engage even further with their peers. The program lays out a foundation for your office to make a positive impact on campus. Like the green building LEED system, the Green Office Certification program have four levels of green ratings, starting with Level One: Mars Hill and ending on Level Four: Humphrey’s Peak. Whether it’s an office of one cubicle or an entire building, the Green Office Certification provides an excellent way to take your Energy Mentor training to the next level. Get started with the Green Office Certification with the following steps.

Green Your Office In Two Easy Steps!

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Facility Services Demonstrates Strides in Sustainability

NAU’s Facility Services department installs a sustainability display case highlighting the multiple sustainable actions taken throughout each shop. From the Paint department’s specific recycling station to Transportation’s recycled motor oil to Custodial’s use of green cleaning products, ever shop is taking some action to help make NAU a safer and more sustainable place for students and employees.

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In the display case, there’s a small story about what each shop is doing to help the campus community. Click here: Sustainability Display Case or visit the Office of Sustainability and Facility Services (bld 77) to read each of the shops’ statements.

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