NAU Launches Sustainable Citizen Program

Green Jacks at Grand CanyonNAU’s Sustainable Citizen Program (SCP) offers students in any department an opportunity to learn about sustainability, gain a great credential, and make a difference.

Sustainability and climate change are issues that will require the engagement of all citizens in order to move toward solutions. This program’s vision is a day when every Lumberjack understands basic climate science and the tenets of sustainability and with that knowledge acts according to their own moral compass. They aim to build a culture whose positive impacts ripple through individuals, campus, and society and promote a more just and sustainable world.

Through the program you’ll join with other students to learn skills, earn recognition, have fun, and make a difference. The program prepares students to take on sustainability challenges as individuals, community-members, and professionals. Students who successfully complete the program will have a new credential for their resume and the know-how to tackle issues of sustainability in their future profession and life.

After piloting the project with select students over the 2016/17 academic year, the program is now up and running in full force! To learn more about the SCP path and to register visit Green NAU’s Sustainable Citizen Program page.