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    Packing Heat on Campus

    Last April, a bill was passed by the state legislature that would allow guns to be carried on campus. However, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the legislation after finding the bill too ambiguous. Now, SB1474 plans to accomplish what last years bill failed to do: allow guns on college campuses. As an AZCentral article describes the bill as requiring: …public universities and community colleges to allow anyone age 21 or older with a concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on campus. The schools can keep the guns out of buildings, stadiums and classrooms if they provide secure gun lockers. The committee also passed a bill that would loosen restrictions on carrying…

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    Be Heard: Help Shape Your NAU Campus

    Northern Arizona University is seeking your feedback by inviting you to take an online survey regarding energy usage. Please follow the link below to participate. Those who complete the survey will be eligible for a chance at one of the following incentives redeemable at the NAU Bookstore: 1 respondent will receive an iPad2 4 respondents will receive a $50 NAU Bookstore Gift Card 30 respondents will receive a $10 NAU Bookstore Gift Card The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete and your responses will be kept confidential. The survey can be taken only once and participation is voluntary. https://www.research.net/s/NAU2012