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The NAU Sustainability Course Directory Has Been Launched!

The NAU Office of Sustainability is excited to introduce the NAU Sustainability Course Directory – a new online database system for all the courses from any department that are focused on sustainability or simply have a sustainability component in them. Both undergraduate and graduate students can now enjoy a constantly updated list of classes that cover a wide range of topics related to environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability.

The courses are submitted by their instructors using a specially designated online form. After being approved by our administrator, the course appears in the online database and can be looked up using a convenient search engine that provides 3 criteria options that helps a student find a better fit.

The challenge of spreading awareness about sustainability and creating an environmentally conscious behavior always comes down to nurturing eco-literacy. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the global climate change challenges we face nowadays, NAU is attempting to ease an access to the list of classes that serve as an educational tool about that issue and offers diverse strategies of addressing it. The introduction of this course listing system is a great step towards creating a culture of sustainability in the Northern Arizona University, bringing a better understanding of the need for a more environmentally responsible behavior to its students.

Useful links:
For NAU students – NAU Sustainability Course Directory
For course instructors – Sustainability Course Submission

The list of classes is constantly being updated so make sure to check back regularly!

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The Grand Canyon Bans Sales of Bottled Water

Bottled Water BanBottled water sales has been a bit of a contentious point here on campus as numerous student groups—including Net Impact NAU and the Action Group for Water Advocacy (AGWA)—have been trying to find ways to reduce consumption of bottled water. Campus dining has removed bottled water from its dining locations in the du Bois center and the University Union. However, bottled water remains in vending machines and through campus catering.

Maybe we could use a little bit of inspiration from the Grand Canyon National Park which recently banned the sale of bottled water in the National Park. The GCNP’s policy is part of a larger ban on bottled water sales in all national parks. Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga cites the need to reduce the environmental and financial costs caused by the bottles as the reason for the GCNP’s ban. You can read a full article about the National Park Service’s ban on bottled water in the Lumberjack or on Northern Arizona News.

What are your thoughts about banning bottled water on campus and elsewhere? Is it a real step forward or are we merely putting a band-aid over a much larger issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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