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Growing Community Summer Workshop Series!

Gardening in Flagstaff

The Flagstaff Sustainability Program and Flagstaff Foodlink are happy to announce the free 2013 Growing Community Summer Workshop series, featuring topics such as composting, rainwater harvesting, and seed saving! This is a great opportunity for new gardeners who want to learn the basics and well-seasoned gardeners who are looking for new tricks for growing in Flagstaff. Tell us what topics you are interested in learning more about in this poll.

Please register for the workshops so that we know how many handouts to bring. We recommend bringing a hat, water, and a chair if you would like to sit.

Date  Day  Time Location  Topic
 7/10/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Izabel Garden  Composting
 7/13/2013 Saturday 9:30 am  Bonito Garden  No Care Gardening
 7/17/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Izabel Garden  Intro to Permaculture
 7/24/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Bonito Garden  Companion Plants
 7/27/2013 Saturday 9:30 am  SSLUG Garden  Inviting Pollinators to the Garden
 7/31/2013 Wednesday 5:00 pm  Willow Bend  Worm Composting
 8/7/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Izabel Garden  Gardening with Kids
 8/10/2013 Saturday 9:30 am  Bonito Garden  Bold Flavors – Strong Medicine
 8/14/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Bonito Garden  Water Harvesting
 8/20/2013 Tuesday 5:30 pm  Izabel Garden  Preserving Foods
 8/24/2013 Saturday 9:30 am  Bonito Garden  Waffle Gardens
 8/28/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  Bonito Garden  Composting
 9/18/2013 Wednesday 5:30 pm  SSLUG Garden  Seed Saving
 9/24/2013 Tuesday 6:00 pm  East Library  Worm Composting


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Interested in learning how to bee keep?

Catch the buzz this summertime in Flagstaff. Learn how to work with a gentle colony of honeybees in a backyard top restore the health of the amazing honeybee.

honey bees and honey comb

Practicing organic, holistic principles, we will explore the relationships between:

* the queen, workers, and drones.
* flowering plants, pollen, nectar, beeswax, and honey.
* eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults.
* humans and the rest of nature.



Each of the four classes in this course will be held on a Saturday at a private
residence in southwest Flagstaff, with local field trips to Mountain Meadow
Permaculture Farm and Flagstaff EcoRanch.

Dates: June 8; July 13; August 17; and September 14
Cost: $300.00

To register or for more information, visit
or call Patrick Pynes at (928) 600-1193

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