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    Landscape Master Plan

    Did you know that NAU has sustainable landscaping tactics to keep our campus green in every sense of the word? I had a chance to talk with Janel Wilcox, one of the people behind the Landscape Master Plan.  She explained the plan to me, with particular focus on how this plan contributes to the culture of sustainability on campus! The goal of the Landscape Master Plan is four-fold; its guiding principles are landscape architectural design, sustainability, winter considerations, and accessibility. These factors each contribute to the overall aesthetic and function of the landscape you see across the NAU campus, including plant life, benches, and the multi-modal pedways.  Tallgrass native meadow…

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    How NAU Puts a Price on Trees

    NAU’s Tree Campus Advisory Committee and the City of Flagstaff’s Open Space Program and  have partnered for the #FLGTreeTags project, an educational installation aimed at raising awareness about the many values urban trees provide to our community. This installation will run from Oct. 9 – 16, 2017 and include 23 price tags in Wheeler Park and NAU’s North Quad that will describe the financial contributions these trees provide as a result of their various ecosystem services and health benefits. Trent DeBeare, a Forestry graduate student and member of NAU’s Tree Campus Advisory Committee is excited about the project, “NAU already has such a well-regarded forestry tradition. The Tree Campus USA…

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    GMO’s – Where Do You Stand?

    Genetically modified organisms are a popular environmental topic, but many people are on the fence of how to feel about them. Are GMO’s bad for the planet, or are they the solution to our food- related problems? With World Food Day coming up this month, Green NAU decided now would be an excellent time to showcase this important issue. In order to help people figure out their stance, 2 of this year’s 4 Better World Film Series events will be dedicated to GMO-related films. Later in the month, the Green Jacks will be hosting a community debate about GMO’s. By learning about both sides, our hope is to promote a…

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    NAU Wins Award of Merit at Arizona Forward’s Environmental Excellence Awards!

    At Arizona Forward’s 37th Environmental Excellence Awards NAU presented education awards and received the Award of Merit in the category of Innovation. NAU sponsored two education/communication awards, one for the public and private sectors and one for educators, students, and nonprofits. President Cheng presented the awards, highlighting the importance of providing recognition for innovative and successful projects in this field. To compete in the awards, NAU’s Office of Sustainability partnered with a graduate student in the Climate Science and Solutions program and the Green Fund to install an innovative Phase Change Material in the Blome building. All of these groups are constantly looking for innovative ways to help the university move towards…

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    NAU Launches Sustainable Citizen Program

    NAU’s Sustainable Citizen Program (SCP) offers students in any department an opportunity to learn about sustainability, gain a great credential, and make a difference. Sustainability and climate change are issues that will require the engagement of all citizens in order to move toward solutions. This program’s vision is a day when every Lumberjack understands basic climate science and the tenets of sustainability and with that knowledge acts according to their own moral compass. They aim to build a culture whose positive impacts ripple through individuals, campus, and society and promote a more just and sustainable world. Through the program you’ll join with other students to learn skills, earn recognition, have fun,…

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    “A Call to Life: Variations on a Theme of Extinction”: Unique Pianist/Philosopher NAU Earth Day Performance Calls for Action on Extinction

    Words alone cannot express the urgency of saving the planet’s great diversity of plants and animals from extinction, philosopher/writer Kathleen Dean Moore and concert pianist Rachel McCabe believe. So they have turned to music, joining forces to create a dual performance, “A Call to Life: Variations on a Theme of Extinction.” For the project, Moore weaves a call to safeguard Earth’s abundance into McCabe’s performance of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Variations on a Theme of Corelli.” The synergy of words and music creates what an audience member called “as powerful a message as one could imagine.”  “It is at once devastating and inspiring, despairing and hopeful,” wrote ocean conservationist Mark Hixon, who…

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    Green Office Certification is Launched!

    The Energy Mentor program is NAU’s premiere energy-conservation behavior change activity. Since the Office of Sustainability has enacted this program in 2012, more than 120 faculty and staff have become Energy Mentors! And the momentum hasn’t stopped there. Many Energy Mentors have encouraged their colleagues to get certified and have spread the word about simple and effective ways to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Building off the success of the Energy Mentor program, the Office has decided to take it up a notch by launching the Green Office Certification program! The Green Office Certification was developed after it became clear that existing Energy Mentors wanted a path to challenge themselves and…

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    Facility Services Demonstrates Strides in Sustainability

    NAU’s Facility Services department installs a sustainability display case highlighting the multiple sustainable actions taken throughout each shop. From the Paint department’s specific recycling station to Transportation’s recycled motor oil to Custodial’s use of green cleaning products, ever shop is taking some action to help make NAU a safer and more sustainable place for students and employees. In the display case, there’s a small story about what each shop is doing to help the campus community. Click here: Sustainability Display Case or visit the Office of Sustainability and Facility Services (bld 77) to read each of the shops’ statements.

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    NAU’s Aquatic and Tennis Complex earns LEED Gold

    The Aquatic and Tennis Complex at Northern Arizona University has earned LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. NAU now boasts 13 LEED-certified buildings on its Flagstaff campus. The Aquatic and Tennis Complex hosts international and NCAA competition swimming and features team support spaces, locker rooms, a competitive diving facility with an NCAA and FINA dive tower, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, spectator seating and a natural grass turf recreational sports field. The LEED rating system is the foremost international certification program for recognizing buildings and homes that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. The complex was designed to save 41 percent on energy use and 35 percent…

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    Kind Wine Competition Finds Its Winner!

      Green NAU’s Kind Wine Competition (KWC) concluded Sunday (11/6/16) night with a list of winning wines and a room of smiling faces. The event’s mission was to improve the sustainability of wine packaging around the world. Although glass is an age old staple in the wine industry, it has a few environmental drawbacks that don’t make it ideal for transporting liquid. For example, it is very energy intensive to make glass, it’s very heavy so there are increased emissions associated with its transportation, it’s shaped in a way that is not conducive to shipping, and in Flagstaff it is not easily recycled nor is their a local glass recycling…