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What’s an Eco-Rep?

Eco-Rep peer education programs are becoming increasing popular at universities around the country. Usually, the goal of these programs is to teach students who live on campus about various issues related to sustainability and encourage them to adopt more sustainable living behaviors. This is accomplished by teaching the Eco-Reps about the various topics and training them to be effective communicators so that they can share the information they learn with their friends and neighbors in their residence hall and encourage behavior change.

The Eco-Rep program at NAU is modeled after some of the most successful and popular programs, such as the one at the University of Vermont. Most of the Eco-Reps at NAU do not have sustainability as a focus in their professional goals, but they have gained other valuable skills they know will help them in the future. The students who participate as Eco-Reps report they develop leadership and communication skills and learn a lot about sustainability and environmental issues. They have fun interacting with their peers and sharing their knowledge, and they like knowing they are making a difference.
We would love to have you join our team and help us make a difference, too! We are currently recruiting Eco-Reps for the 2013-14 year. The only requirement is that you must live in a residence hall as you must have access to the hall to complete the program requirements. Although applicants will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, the priority deadline is September 18 so that participants don’t miss out on important trainings. Go to for additional information and the application.

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Your Chance To Make A Difference At NAU

Housing and Residence Life is still accepting applications for Eco-Reps with the priority deadline being THIS Friday, September 7 at 5 pm. We are looking for students who live on campus that want to make living sustainably a priority for themselves and others. As an Eco-Rep, you will receive ongoing training and education on a variety of environmental topics along with techniques on how to communicate effectively with your friends and neighbors in order to convince them to make changes in their attitudes and lifestyles. If you are looking for a rewarding student leadership position and plan to work in an environmentally focused field after graduation, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to make a difference at NAU and develop skills that will make you stand out in today’s competitive job market! For more information on the position and how to apply, please go to

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