One of Europe’s most anticipated and view events in modern history with the European soccer events. Back in 2012 it was decided to have the soccer matches in Poland and Ukraine. This being the first time the championship games were in held in the eastern part of Europe since 1976. The soccer events comes as a milestone for the two slavic countries. It represents their progression from the bitter past of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. It displays that eastern Europe is slowing starting to integrate with western Europe to form a more unified Continent.  By hosting this grand event it shows that their countries are modernizing in infrastructure  such as all the soccer facilities that’ll be needed. It also gives us insight on how the countries have matured, trying to solve it political and financial problems. These events and parts of history is what is needed to created a better Europe.

Saint- Blimont

France no longer belonged to the French themselves, occupied by the Germans for a second time. Even though the French army surrendered, the French people did not. Forming groups of rag tag gorilla resistance fighters. The resistance group was the Forces Françaises De L’intérieur or the FFI, a small group just shy of 200 people.  They were a pester for German solider all though out the occupation, destroying anything that could aid the Germans. They blew up troop transportation, such as trains and caravans. The main sabotage was the German trains; one of the better stories from the chapter is the blowing up of two trains in two consecutive days.  Doing all they could to drive the Germans out, they went on to help fight with the allies in Africa and Italy. Their numbers slowly dwelled, being killed in skirmishes, being captured and sent to the concentration camps and shooting squads. They weren’t the only resistance though; many French people defied the Germans. The church for example leaned aid to Jews and help when they could despite the fact that the punishment was death. “Jews are men. Jews are women. They are part of humanity. They are our brothers, like anyone else. A Christian may not forget that.” All these brave people, fought for people they didn’t know, for a country that was occupied by a force that outnumbered and outgunned any of them. People like this were so important in saving hundreds of life and fighting against the German power.