With the culmination of his travels through Europe Mak is on a boat traveling along the Rhine. “the Rhine is a man, Heinrich Boll wrote, the name is Celtic, the cities along its banks are Roman, their voices are French, German, and Dutch, the bridges are American, the castle are Gremanic and dead. The Rhine is Dead.”pg 809  as Mak travels home after his excursion through Europe. Mak reflects on the things that happen after 1999 his discusses how event such as 9/11 has placed terrorist on a more global scale and how the climate of the world is changing. The Epilogue to Mak’s book is just a brief account of things that happen in the following years 2000-2010


Benounville, The site of one of the most strategic and deadly operations taken in the Second World War, the tide of the war is about to change as the Allied forces set up for their massive assault into France. Almost 3 million men are assembled for the assault on Normandy, troops from England, America, Canada, Polish, French, New Zealand, Australia, and other members of the British Commonwealth.  A total of almost three million men had assembled on the southern tip of England. On the first day of the invasion 4,500 men were killed. With this massive incursion into France the allied forces gain a foothold in continental Europe and begin the push towards Berlin