Movie, Journey of Hope

You see a place that looks like paradise from a postcard and from that you imagine a life better than what you have.  This scenario is what happened for Haydar Sener in the movie Journey of Hope.  Haydar was living in Turkey and desired to have a better life, to live in Switzerland in paradise.  This movie follows him and several others as they make the trek to cross the border into Switzerland trying not to get caught.  This film took the viewer on this trek and made you feel like you were right there with them facing everything that they had to face.  What was particularly moving was the hope that Haydar had for his family and how he wanted to provide them with this better life even if it meant selling everything he had to start completely over.  Even when things seem unreliable and sketchy Haydar kept his hope and courage and persevered through many trails.   One instance of this was towards the end of the movie when it was just him and his son trekking through the snow.  Haydar and his son faced freezing temperatures, cold wind, and not enough warmth but through all of that, on top of being lost, Haydar carried his son and kept fighting to find help and warmth for them both even though it ended in despair.