In 2003, before the beginning the American “War on Terror,” the world may well have held the most united opinion on war and conflict ever seen. On Saturday, February 15th, 10 million people worldwide took part in peaceful marches, protesting the war in Iraq. The list of countries involved was extensive; more than “300 cities in Europe and North America, 50 in Asia and Latin America, 10 in Africa and 20 in Australia and Oceania.” The idea for a “international day of action against the war” first happened in London, and was soon taken up by peace groups around the world. The most amazing thing about these protests was the opposition the countries contemplating war, America and Britain, encountered before the war even began.There were similarly large protests for Vietnam, but these only occurred after the war had already started and at the “height of the conflict.” The 2003 anti-war protests were the largest group of peace marches in 20 years.