Madrid Bombings

This article posted regarding the train bombings in Madrid in 2004 discussed how the thoughts and ideologies of terrorist groups on a global scale are changing after the events of 9/11. Before the train bombing, the ETA would normally warn the government about a bombing or incident to come. In this attack there was no warning. This style of terrorism reflects the behaviors of those used by the terrorist group Al-Quieda. Since the devastating attacks in New York on 9/11, there have been several changes in the way acts of terror are carried out. The attacks seem to have been planned out more thoroughly and made to “show off” in a sense the attacker’s skill. The reason behind this new style of attack is that after 9/11 and the immense amount of media attention that was brought forth from it, the other global terrorist groups wanted to follow in the footsteps of Al-Quieda and bring a greater amount of media attention to their causes. With these changes taking place, terrorist attacks of the future could result in more of a shock and awe effect on the victims and cause more casualties.