In our first round students posted in pairs, to allow those with less background in these matters to not feel lost. Beginning Monday (Feb. 11), individual students are responsible for posting on various locations, movies, and other readings. In order to become more creative, and in an attempt to move away from simple summaries, students needs to comply with the following four guidelines:

  1. Focus on a story within the larger content of the reading/ movie, and post on that. In other words, do not try to capture the whole readings/ movie. Instead, highlight what you found interesting, thus telling your own story.
  2. Ensure that you stay within context. You did not travel to this area (at least most of the time), Geert Mak did. So make sure you do not insinuate otherwise.
  3. Post between 150 and 200 words. Have no more than a couple of direct quotes, and make sure you mark these clearly.
  4. You must include links within the text of your posting. It can connect the reader to other websites or images. Only post images on this platform if you own them.

As usual, we will talk about all of these elements in class, if you should have questions. Thanks.