Dan Boone


Dan Boone has been part of the IDEA Lab team at Northern Arizona University (NAU) for 23 years, serving as head of the imaging department for 15 of those years. Throughout his association with NAU, he has helped researchers communicate their very important, but sometimes complex, ideas to a popular audience. His innovative imaging techniques have sometimes become part of the research itself, such as his visual representations of Pluto for NASA, his original imaging techniques to increase legibility of a 13th-century papyrus, and his high-speed photography for capturing animal behavior. His award-winning photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and they have graced the pages of Nature magazine. Boone believes that images, when crafted using both heart and skill, can convey great beauty. But there is a level of film-making that reaches into the viewer’s psyche even beyond the aesthetic: Images can also inspire and inform. Boone’s most recent film, 2012’s award-winning A Thousand Invisible Cords: Connecting Genes to Ecosystems, illustrates the success of this film-making philosophy.