Victor O. Leshyk

Narrator and 3-D Animations

Victor Leshyk has been translating scientific concepts into stunning visual imagery for more than 15 years, with illustrations gracing the covers of such publications as Nature, Genome Research, and Science News, as well as the pages of Science magazine. His images have appeared in presentations to the U.S. Congress, national parks, and public exhibits, including works for the world’s largest exhibit-design firm and for some of the major natural history museums in the Southwest. With a lifelong love of both biology and illustration, his deep understanding of both fields has made him one of the foremost science illustrators in the field. In other genres, his imaginative work has been published in the highly competitive fantastic art annual Spectrum. His strong traditional fine-art studio skills are complemented by his digital illustration techniques. Skilled in presentations and public speaking, Leshyk has also provided professional voice talent for the film A Thousand Invisible Cords (2012).