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One of Four flights into the remote lake includes a snowmobile. It barely fits.

The research and film team drive Alaska's Dalton Highway toward their research site.

The research equipment and film gear await loading at the Coldfoot airport.

Dan waits on the ice runway in Coldfoot Alaska.

A lake coring site on a frozen lake.

Director Dan Boone and researcher Jason Briner discuss the next shot.

Filmmaker Ryan Belnap straps on skis to maneuver over the snowy terrain.

Ryan backs-up video files in his cozy office (5 degrees F). A small generator is used to power the computer and charge the batteries.

The researchers set up to core the bottom of the lake, which is under 4 feet of ice and 60 feet of water.

Darrell Kaufman stands by his tent on frozen lake, ready to research.

Call it what you want, but the snowmobile is essential to ferry equipment and people from camp to the distant research sites.

The research team prepares to take a sediment core from the bottom of the lake.

Ryan prepares the underwater camera.

The research camp hugs the distant shore of a frozen lake.

Darrell, Jason and David check lake depths in preparation to deploy sediment traps.

The researchers continue working as the snow continues to fall.

Today the researchers get a tube of mud and the filmmakers get hours of footage.

Dan and Ryan return to camp at the end of a full day of snowy filming.

The remote arctic landscape can be breathtaking.

The Researchers extract a series of surface cores across the length of the lake.

A view of camp and the landing strip on a frozen Lake.

Dan and Ryan manage to keep the fingertips and toes warm in sub 0 conditions.

Ryan waits with the gear for the last flight out.

From a boat in Prince William Sound, southern Alaska we see a tidewater glacier.

A bald eagle disturbs a flock of kittiwakes in Alaska's Prince William Sound.

Dan films as a lake core is cut in half at a Swiss research lab.

We enjoy a hike from Lake Oeschinen through picturesque Swiss landscapes.

Hubertus Fischer in the lab where he analizes glacial ice cores at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Bern is a center of Climate research and is home to the University of Bern, PAGES, and the IPCC.

Beautiful Switzerland

An iconic peak in the Swiss Alps.

Glaciers have been receding quickly in the Swiss Alps.