ashes to ashes

Fires of Change is a collaborative project with the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, the Flagstaff Arts Council, and the Landscape Conservation Initiative (LCI) funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Joint Fires Sciences Program. It aims to translate the complex social and ecological (new term: ecopyrosocioeconomological) issues surrounding wildfire into art. Our hope is that art will educate and invigorate people about the beauty and ecological necessity of wild fire. In advance of our September 5, 2015 exhibit opening and September 19, 2015 reception at Coconino Center for the Arts, we will be having monthly blog updates from the 11 talented artists who are creating work for the project. For more information, take a look at the Flagstaff Arts Council exhibit page.

ashes to ashes

by Julie Comnick.

Here’s an excerpt from Ashes to Ashes, a post on Julie’s blog. You can find the full post at

Julie's charcoal samples

Julie’s charcoal samples

“Charcoal (carbon), as an art medium, dates back to the earliest Paleolithic cave paintings on record. That charcoal still prevails today (in a refined and compressed form) attests to its variety of applications and archival nature. However, working with the raw burnt remnants of Ponderosa Pine and Manzanita presented a creative challenge: how could I use the medium in its unrefined form, as displayed with each drawing, while aiming for the tonal range and detail I was accustomed to achieving in my typical drawings?”


Julie Comnick’s Ashes to Ashes drawings in progress.


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