Beyond Scrolling: Involvement in movements feeling supportive and healthy – Marlen Paredes

Thanks to our fantastic Doris Duke Conservation Scholars for contributing sporadic blog posts this semester. Here are some things they’re working on and thinking about.

Beyond Scrolling: Involvement in movements feeling supportive and healthy

Marlen Paredes

Now more than ever resistance is important. The Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone pipeline have made national news yet here at home there are pipelines being approved. The Pine Barrens in NJ is such an amazing place that has been protected for decades. Having had the opportunity to have class there makes me love that preserved piece of nature even more. My professors are conducting research there, and it’s a vital part of what makes New Jersey the Garden State. In more quiet news here at home there is another pipeline that might go through my home. The Pilgrim Pipeline is proposed to go through NY and NJ, less than a mile from my home. When links and events are shared on Facebook or on social media, we have the choice to scroll through it or stand up, do something about it, and be a part of the movement. By communicating these issues to my network it allows others to get involved and resist. I have been part of a few resistance meetings in the past few weeks and have come across a lot of people that have similar thoughts and frustrations, while it is really easy to give up and normalize everything going on having a supportive group of people that are willing to talk and listen seem to be the most empowering thing for me. I am so thankful for the supportive group of peers and colleagues that make this era much easier to deal with. From the day after the election to the Women’s March on Washington and every time a new executive order gets signed, having people that are supportive is empowering and the healthiest way to move forward in these trying times.

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