Celebrating the Global Commitment on Climate

Celebrating the Global Commitment on Climate

Last Saturday, the adoption of The Paris Agreement committed the world to addressing climate change head on. This is a time for celebration, as 195 nations have chosen a brave and optimistic path toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions, preserving a livable climate, and working for social justice and environmental conservation. Without this agreement, many conservation efforts would ring hollow; with it, we have every reason to believe that we can pass on the richness and beauty of Earth’s biological and cultural diversity to future generations.

As many have noted, the Paris agreement is not enough – but it is a beginning. The work ahead will be challenging and the sacrifices significant, but now there is hope. Now every decision we make in the future must strengthen this agreement and our turn toward a low-carbon future. It will be a long road but, finally, we have begun.
That is something to celebrate!

The Landscape Conservation Initiative is a small organization, but we feel the optimism coming from Paris, and we are proud of what we have contributed.

Progress on climate science gives added value to our research and more reasons to work with others to conserve native species and habitats, from the Sonoran Desert to the high peaks of the West, to the landscape-level connections that facilitate adaptation to climate warming and other forms of global change.

Commitment to social change gives us every reason to continue our work with policy makers and resource managers. Our work with North American scientists, addressing the impacts of developing carbon-intensive fuels like tar sands and oil shale reverberated internationally and was heard in Paris. We will continue to bring science to key policy debates in a way that informs difficult decisions.

We invite you to share in this work, and we offer to join in yours if we can add value. Paris changes everything, and it is obvious now that we are all in this together. And that is the only way we will succeed – working together!

Warm wishes for a bright holiday season,


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