DDCSP 2014 Cohort– Where are they now?

Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Updates

It’s almost been a year since our first cohort of DDCSP scholars completed the program, and we’ve enjoyed hearing about their endeavors and accomplishments post-program. As we’d all anticipated, they’re seizing new opportunities and contributing to their communities in big ways.

img_1606Vincent Irizarry 

In summer of 2016, Vincent participated in The Nature Conservancy’s GLOBE Program. The GLOBE Program is an initiative that is partially to diversify the Nature Conservancy and connect recent undergraduates, and graduates with paid internships in fields related to conservation. The previous semester Vincent participated in a graduate level course at Queens College, where students analyzed a section of the NYC Strategic Sustainability Plan for 2030 that addressed a local park in Flushing. This fall, Vincent is back at CUNY focusing on Environmental Psychology, Law, Anthropology, and International Relations within the Latin American Community. He attended the Student Conference on Conservation Science at The American Museum of Natural History, and he will be attending the National Black Pre-Law Conference and the National Hispanic Pre-Law Conference at New York University to hear issues of social justice and to attend empowerment workshops.

Zach Nemec ddcspnau_update

Zach completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Hiram College (Hiram, Ohio) in May. In June, he started a Graduate Research Assistantship at the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment. Under the supervision of Dr. Scott Bonar, Zach is investigating the role of riparian vegetation on fish communities in several central Arizona rivers. Throughout the summer months, Zach was preparing equipment and designing his sample methods for the upcoming field season. He also helped supervise two University of Arizona undergraduate students from the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program Collaborative. Zach attended the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in Kansas City, Missouri and Careers in Conservation Symposium hosted by Northern Arizona University and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. He is giving an oral presentation titled, “Assessing Modified Prepositioned Areal Electrofishing Devices (PAEDs) for Surveying Fish Habitat Use in Desert Streams” at the upcoming annual Desert Fishes Council meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

13087112_1706780072910800_5168581354160632394_oAllison Donine

In May 2016, Allison completed her senior thesis at Pitzer College, titled:  “Locating Gendered Resistance: Interethnic Conflict, Environmental Disaster, and Feminist Leadership in Sri Lanka.” Her research was selected for publication in the European Scientific Journal and she presented her findings at the International Scientific Forum in Rome, Italy. Allison graduated from Pitzer College with honors in Environmental Policy, she currently lives and works in Cần Thơ, Vietnam as a Teacher’s for Vietnam Fellow for nine months. She is applying for a Research Fulbright to Sri Lanka, the Peace Corps, and other similar fellowships this year, in order to continue developing her  understanding of South Asia over the next few years before applying for PhD programs in the states.

Jordan Herring12141781_10153319360717987_3957830358326057242_n

Since last January, Jordan is completing the 4th of his 5 years of study in the Environmental Engineering program at the University of Georgia. He will begin an internship with the Environmental Protection Agency with a program that is intended to introduce young conservationists to the agency. He hopes it will be a first step down the path of eventually working at the EPA. Jordan was also recently accepted into the UGA  Impact program. Through the program, he will spend time in New Orleans increasing awareness of environmental issues relevant to that urban area.

img_3975Ben Gallindo

Since graduating DDCSP and college, Ben has been working on a small-scale, family farm in western North Carolina. From digging raised beds and feeding chickens to weeding, harvesting, and processing produce for farmers’ markets, Ben is learning the ins and outs of modern small-scale farming. When he’s not on the farm, Ben is immersing himself in his new biome by hiking, foraging, and identifying plants and mushrooms. With the help of his farm mentors and other resources, he is developing a farm business plan with the intent of continuing to gain experience working on small farms until he can one day start his own. He’s certain that his DDCSP internship and other program experiences have prepared him for what he’s done so far and what will come next.

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