Free Day

Our second cohort of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program is taking part in a conservation summer immersion program on the Colorado Plateau, and they are guest blogging here at L-C-Ideas to keep us up to speed on what they’re doing. Please check back for more!

Day 21: Free day!

By Camila and Karalyn

Camila: Today was a day off after camping for a few days so for most people it was a lazy do-nothing day. It felt strange to wake up because we had been sleeping outside for the past few nights! I can’t speak for everyone in the group, but today I sort of kept to myself: took a nap and DSCN1111went for a run. For dinner I went to eat sushi with Will, Mel, and Alex. A pretty uneventful day if you ask me. When I did see other Doris Dukers everyone was just sort of milling around doing nothing.



Karalyn: Today was a free day! We all slept in and then slowly gathered to eat breakfast in the dorm kitchen. Some cooked, and some ate leftovers from the field excursion from which we recently returned. We spent the later parts of the day relaxing and enjoying Flagstaff. DSCN0994Tracey, Jenna, and I checked out the myriad of outdoor shops in the area, and then Jenna and I had an early dinner at a Thai restaurant. It was an uneventful and relaxing day!

Today was the last day of the summer immersion program; wow how it’s flown by! We’ve been all over the Colorado Plateau and have had our eyes opened to a vast amount of places, people, and ideas.

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