GRBLCD Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analyses Rolled Out for the Green River Basin Landscape Conservation Design

Conservation Science Partners, in partnership with the Northern Arizona University Landscape Conservation Initiative, recently rolled out a series of vulnerability maps and tools to identify and prioritize future conservation action for the Green River Basin Landscape Conservation Design (GRB LCD). The LCD effort, which was supported by the Southern Rockies and Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, was a two-and-a-half year process that engaged stakeholders from across the ~124,580 km2 analysis area spanning portions of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming in the development of maps and models to support conservation planning. Spatial data products included assessments of riparian habitat vulnerability to land use change, critical fish habitat vulnerability to energy development, Colorado River cutthroat trout habitat vulnerability to climate change, and sage brush ecosystem vulnerability to energy development, human modification, and climate change. Stakeholders were able to explore their own management priorities and actions in the context of these landscape-level vulnerability analyses in order to strategize and identify opportunities for future action or partnership.

Explore the datasets here:[].

View a webinar describing applications of the datasets, as well as other project materials here []

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