Independence Day

Our second cohort of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program is taking part in a conservation summer immersion program on the Colorado Plateau, and they are guest blogging here at L-C-Ideas to keep us up to speed on what they’re doing. Please check back for more!

Day 22: 4th of July Fun

By Ryan and Bryan

IMG_7525It is 4th of July and we start our day off with a lecture on public lands by Melissa Mark. It was about how there are a lot more public lands where we are all from than we might have expected. After the lecturIMG_7526e we had some free time before DC barbequed ribs and chickeIMG_7527n skewers for us. Different people then broke off to celebrate the holiday on their free time. A majority of the group went to a Flagstaff event, called Lights of the Lawn, which was a nice country club put together event that brought live entertainment and tons of family fun for everyone to enjoy. IMG_7530

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