Interning at National Parks Conservation Association

Interning at National Parks Conservation Association

by Krista Albu

This summer the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars at NAU have participated in conservation internships across the country. Their blogs give us a peek into what they’ve been up to. Check ’em out!

My internship this summer was mutually beneficial for me and for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office (MARO). I worked under Pam Goddard doing field outreach for events. They were trying to diversify the audience of people that attend ther events they put on. I first began looking at the surrounding colleges for different student organizations that would be interested in coming out to our Public Lands Field Day. I added those th the list that I thought would help increase diversity and while also adding those in that specifically were geared towards conservation and the environment. The big two projects that I worked on under outreach were the revitalization of Oxon Cove Park and Oxon Hill Farm, and contacting military and veterans groups to help get them out into parks. Oxon Cove is a National Park in Washington D.C. that is, like most National Parks, severely underfunded. This is a negative thing in all parks, but in D.C., the government often likes to try and take these lands for things like development. Pam even saw a man years ago walking around the park with layout plans for a golf course.

Besides the main projects, I was also able to go to Fort Monroe and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institution (SCBI) for work. Fort Monroe was the first park that Obama signed into NPS using the Antiquities Act. SCBI is used to help breed endangered species and they also run many classes through there. After the trip to SCBI, we were able to visit Shenandoah. I was also able to explore a little bit of D.C. while I was there and see some of the historic places that every tourist should see.

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