New publication in Ecological Applications

Congrats to Miranda Gray and Brett Dickson on their latest publication in Ecological Applications featuring their newly developed fire connectivity modeling method. You guys are scary smart.

Here’s the full article: Gray and Dickson 2015 Ecol Apps 25_1099-1113

And here’s an excerpt from the abstract:

“Fire is a contagious and highly unpredictable process, and an analysis of fire connectivity that incorporates stochasticity may help predict fire likelihood across large extents. We developed a model of fire connectivity based on electrical circuit theory, which is a probabilistic approach to modeling ecological flows. We first parameterized our model to reflect the synergistic influences of fuels, landscape properties, and winds on fire spread in the lower Sonoran Desert of southwestern Arizona, and then defined this landscape as an interconnected network through which to model flow (i.e., fire spread). We interpreted the mapped outputs as fire likelihood and used historical burned area data to evaluate our results. Expected fire effects were characterized based on the degree to which future fire exposure might negatively impact native plant community recovery, taking into account the impact of repeated fire and major vegetation associations.”


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