US and Canada in need of broad energy policy

A recent comment piece was published in the journal Nature yesterday. The article was authored by a Canadian researcher, Wendy Palen and 7 co-authors including LCI’s director Tom Sisk. In the article the authors call for a  halt to the development of oilsands, and the pipelines like Keystone XL that transport the oil, until there is a comprehensive US and Canadian policy on energy development and the  carbon pollution that results from the continued use of fossil fuels.  Here is a link to the Nature article Additional information can be found on Palen’s website

A few links to some of the early press

Academics call for oilsands moratorium, carbon co-operation

Canadian academics urge moratorium on oil-sands development

Academics take issue with ‘flawed’ pipeline policies and leadership

Rethinking the Keystone Pipeline

Also check out these sites by Michael Collier and Tom Sisk for more information about oilsands in Utah and Alberta:

Uinta Basin – An Unconventional Future 

Oil Sands Canadian Experience, Global Implications



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