Rainbow Rocks and Lake Powell Fun

{Blog Editor’s note: Over the next few weeks we will have guest bloggers from our Doris Duke Conservation Scholars experiential education program provide updates and descriptions of their adventures in learning this summer. These updates aren’t in any particular order. Buckle your seat belts, folks; it’s sure to be an amazing ride!}

June 26 by Margarita and Ari

Before leaving from Mangum we all worked together to leave the campsite looking better than we found it. Some had the arduous task of cleaning the kitchen, stove and all, some had to clean the restrooms, others swept the floors, others took out the trash, some picked up random shingles that were spread out throughout the camp, and we all looked for micro-trash. We all did our best to ”leave no trace,” with a smile on our face.

Soon after clean up time, we were on the road. Throughout our road trip, we all sat with our respective group members to work on our Glen Canyon projects; we read through different articles and books and learned about different aspects of the dam, like its history, its importance, its methods of adaptive management, and much more. It was a great way to pass the time as we drove through Southern Utah to get to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. We stopped to admire the Paria River and the surrounding beautiful rocks. We all sat down at one point to discuss how exactly these marvelous rocks became slanted, striated, and colored.


Afterwards, we drove to Lake Powell where we were able to experience the conventional and commercialized camping grounds full of house boats and RV’s. After setting up the kitchen and putting our things away we all went down to the lake to splash in the water, some even did some yoga in the lake, it was so much fun! We had jicama, orange, and cucumber salad, along with chips and guacamole before indulging in some delicious tamales for dinner. When night came, the sky lit up with a million stars, it created a peaceful and enjoyable aura.



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