Fostering resilience in Southwest ecosystems

The Landscape Conservation Initiative is participating in a workshop hosted by the Southwest Fire Science Consortium, entitled: Fostering resilience in Southwestern ecosystems: A problem solving workshop. Here is a description from the Consortium’s site:

How do managers “build resilience” when ecosystems are undergoing rapid change? What are our options when megafires remove huge swaths of forests not well adapted to this disturbance? Join us and help develop answers to these urgent questions.

Ecosystems and fire regimes are moving into new domains as a consequence of climate change, disturbance, and other causes. Fire professionals and land managers in the region are confronted with new fire regimes, fire effects, and ecosystem recovery trajectories following disturbance. To help fire and ecosystem managers and scientists in the Southwest understand and address ecosystem resilience under changing conditions, the Southwest Fire Science Consortium (SWFSC) is hosting a workshop February 25-27, 2014 in Tucson, Arizona at the Radisson Inn & Suites, 6555 East Speedway Blvd.


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