New Professional Short Course Offered

Tools for Evaluating Populations and Habitats
LCI Training Workshop

This new short course, Tools for Evaluating Populations and Habitats, is specifically tailored for mid-career professionals within federal and state natural resource agencies.  The course provides hands-on experiences with using analytical tools for managing and monitoring wildlife populations, specifically occupancy modeling and landscape genetics.   The course consists of two introductory webinars, a 4-hour online segment, and 4 days at Northern Arizona University.  The webinars introduce management and monitoring situations that could benefit from the use of occupancy modeling and landscape genetics.   Subsequent online learning enables participants to understand the underlying concepts of the tools in a self-paced, interactive environment.  The session in Flagstaff is scheduled for May 13-16, 2014, and will focus on each of the tools through a combination of presentations, discussion groups, and hands-on computer exercises. For more information please contact

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